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Month: July, 2010

Room Service With a Twist

Krista was on a vacation with her parents when Joe ran into her on his room service job. This girl can fuck and take the cock like no other. A must see exclusive “All Interracial” episode!

Stephie Fucks What She Thinks Is The Busboy

When Stephie arrived at the hotel she needed help with her bag, so she asked the bellhop to carry it up to her room. When he inquired about a tip, she put the do not disturb sign on the room door and told him to eat her pussy. Watch him dig his face deeply into her tight teen pussy before she returns the favor with a phenomenal blowjob. Her then lays her out on the hotel bed and gives Stephie the fuck of her life!

Courtney Falls For The Blind Joe Routine

Kind-hearted Courtney was walking in the park when she heard the guitar of a street musician named Blind Joe. Feeling sorry for him, she dropped him some change and started talking. When she found out that he hadn't had sex in a long time and only fucked black girls, she told him that she too was black. She then asked if she could go to his house to use his restroom. That's not the only thing she ended up using.

Mya Take Matters Into Her Mouth.

When our brutha orders a very spicy chicken for lunch and receives a pizza from the delivery girl, he is seriously pissed off! To satisfy him, our sexy and apologetic delivery girl decides to take matters into her own hands and right this wrong with her mouth. Watch her drop to her knees and suck his two-toned dick like a lollipop, before laying on his desk from some black on white pumpage!

She Loves The Dark Meat

Granada Joe was posing as a starved Granadain citizen looking for some hurricane relief money. She ended up taking Joe’s pipe and sucked him dry. This one turned out to be a dark meat lover!

Skye Loves Black Cock Like Coffee In The Morning

Skye loves cock in the morning and she was more than pleased when Wesley gave it to her! His big and fat black monster pounded the wet and horny Skye until she could not take anymore!

Nicole From Tennessee Is Intrigued By Black Byron

Nicole from Tennessee was new to the neighborhood and needed help putting up her new Ikea lights. So she headed over to Byron's house and asked him to bring his tool. She had heard a lot of rumors about big black cock back home, and wanted to see one for herself, so she grabbed Bryon's massive member and got acquainted. Watch this horny girl ride his dick like a cowgirl before getting her face and tits covered in cum.

The Juices Are Flowing

It is not your typical afternoon as these two roommates explore each others curves. Just as bodies quiver, the ebony princess grabs a stiff surprise and straps it on to pleasure her friend till juices run down her legs!

Playful Sharon Wants To See Some Black Cock

Sharon was in her backyard sun tanning when a volleyball suddenly bounced onto her property. She didn't know who it belonged to until a big black dude came around looking for it. Since Sharon was feeling playful, she told him that she wasn't going to give him back his ball unless he first showed her his dick. He happily obliged and then asked to see something of hers. They then took the action indoors where Sharon got her tight white pussy pounded.

Morgan Falls For Sob Story Then Fucks He Brains Out

Morgan was out walking when she spotted a homeless guy who said he lost his house in the hurricane. Being the good and gullible Samaritan she is, she offered him some food, shelter and water at a nearby motel. Of course the food she was talking about was her gorgeous, wet, puffy pussy. But she got to dine on his big black dick, too. Watch as she gets on top to ride his wang and then takes a huge sticky cumshot right in the eye.