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Month: October, 2017

Interracial Porn so Hot It Will Feel Like It’s Meant to Find You

I have a funny story about how I met my new best friend. One day I got a text message and all it was one link. I didn’t recognize the number, but my sister goes through phones like I change my underwear, so I figured it was probably her. I didn’t really read the link and clicked on it, and this was the link

I knew two things instantly. One this wasn’t my sister and two, these sites were hot. I asked who sent it and the dude said it was the wrong number and apologized profusely. He was really embarrassed about the whole thing. He said his buddies and him share sweet porn deals with each other and he had inverted the digits accidentally.

Needless to say, I thanked him, and now we text every day sharing large discounts to the hottest porn sites and can’t wait to share with each other the sexy sluts and hot videos that we find. Sometimes treasures come in unexpected places. Which is why I wanted to pass along these hot interracial porn vids to you guys, because while it worked out last time, the wrong number thing is not a situation I want to get myself into again!