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Aaliyah Jolie

Aaliyah Jolie Aaliyah Jolie
Aaliyah Jolie @
When she’s not being a blonde bimbo Aaliyah Jolie is under the hot lights of the San Fernando Valley. This up and coming porn whore needs to take her performances up to the next level and The Minion is the man to guide her there. First, I have to make sure her mouth is clean enough to suck cock on camera so I volunteered my dong to be placed firmly in her mouth. With such an ass like hers it would be a waste not to use it as a coffee table to divide and snort my drug of choice. I can honesty say that this little mouth vacuum’s blowjob skills were head and shoulders above the rest and it’s gonna be an honor to take 50% of her on camera pay.Hopefully she uses the rest of the money to buy a sandwich or some new tits.
Aaliyah Jolie Aaliyah Jolie
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