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By The Fireplace

By The Fireplace By The Fireplace
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H-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R! Well, almost. Hee hee. Hey, you guys ever hear of "The Rabbit"? It’s a super fun sex toy, and since it’s Softcore Thursday, I thought it would be a perfect day to show mine off! I found it under my XMas tree. A special friend got it for me. So I went over to his house in Atlanta to pose for this set, and I think it turned out pretty hot. It starts out with some "pretty girl" poses, and I get nude pretty quick. Then, I bust out my toy. When there’s no colored men to satisfy my needs, I turn to my pal The Rabbit to rub one out…and things always end up sticky and wet 😉 The cool thing about The Rabbit is I can shove that giant toy right up my tight wet pussy while my clit gets gently worked over. A few minutes with that and WHEW, I’m about passed out. Fellahs — here’s a shameless plug: if you wanna get your lady off, and your small white dinky ain’t doing the trick, go to your local sex shop and cough up some dough. These ain’t cheap, but Oh WOW! Are they worth it. Then, e-mail me the results! I wanna hear aaaallllll about it. Oh. One more thing. I truly hope you have a happy, prosperous 2005. May you get everything you want! I know I will!! 😉 Love, Spring.
By The Fireplace By The Fireplace
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