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Jeanie Marie

Jeanie Marie Jeanie Marie
Jeanie Marie @
Imagine 100lbs of walking, talking turd and you get a visual of Jeanie Marie. When she’s not working the streets for 7-11 money she’s sucking and fucking on camera like a comatose patient. Her soon-to-be-fired pimp dropped her off at my glorious home in order for her to make enough money so they could spend another wonderful evening at the local crackhouse. I must be living dangerously since I allowed my unprotected money maker enter her mouth with no raincoat. She must have been a living,breathing petri dish of diseases and I now notice a rash on my balls upon further inspection. This waste of jizz is a flash in the pan but please enjoy the scene and think of this whore if you ever get the urge to quit school.
Jeanie Marie Jeanie Marie
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