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Mister Tinymeat

Mister Tinymeat Mister Tinymeat
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Hi Guys! Well, it’s another Monday…and another whacky update! I think all you small-dicked white boys will love this one – do you hear me, Sissies? Everyone say hi to my newest pal, Mr. Tinymeat. Y’all know him well, probably VERY well – if you know what I mean. See, Mister Tinymeat is white, he’s weak, and he’s packing about 3 inches…oh! I forgot…it grows up all the way to 5 inches when he’s really excited! Hee hee. Do you know him now? A-N-Y-ways…Since I had so much fun with Ace in last week’s episode, "The Ballers", I bought him back for more action…and his black dick sure did work my over. Oh, btw, Ace is a tad under 8 inches, not fully hard, and he gets to about 9 1/2 when he’s inside my sweet, tight pussy. And since I tagged up Mister Tinymeat, I thought it was fair that Ace tagged me up…right before he unloads about a gallon of afro seed all over my face. I sent Ace home and Mr. Tinymeat to turn on the shower as this week’s episode comes to a close…so enjoy! I know I did!!
Mister Tinymeat Mister Tinymeat
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