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Sophia Costello

Sophia Costello Sophia Costello
Sophia Costello @
I wish I knew what happened to this panochita. She’s not and porn and her limited mental abilities makes her either : A lunch wagon driver, a pinata maker, or modeling for cans of refried beans. She kneeled before my dick in the same manner she kneels down every Sunday at church. She worshipped the mighty cock and sucked it with a blank stare on her face. This whore was truly worthless because she made no effort to appear to enjoy herself. I enjoyed myself by laying on top of her and almost crushing her. She was soon on her hands and knees which is the same way she got into this country from down south. She later told me she used the check I gave her to send her uncle to bull fighting training.
Sophia Costello Sophia Costello
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