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Sticky Feet

Sticky Feet Sticky Feet
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Hi Gang! I’m so excited…for a couple reasons. First, it’s almost Christmas. What did you get me? 🙂 Second, this week’s update is smokin’ hot. I was going to call it Whiteboy 2, cause my regular cameraman got sick we let another Whiteboy film this scene while he played with his pathetic pee-pee. But then I decided to call it STICKY FEET cause, well, that’s exactly what happens today. My feet get hosed with Black Jungle Juice. And what a hose it is — almost 12 inches of pure Black Meat. I actually sat at home today and watched this scene once more while twirling my clit till I had a multiple orgasm! Hee hee…I’m so naughty. Well, enjoy me bad mouthing another silly white boy…till next week! XOXOXOXOXX I LOVE MY MEMBERS! Spring
Sticky Feet Sticky Feet
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