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Toni Silvr

Toni Silvr Toni Silvr
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I got a wife and kid and they’d both leave me if they find this scene. You see, I live the boring life with a wife who doesn’t know that I go on nightly quests for big black dick. If my son knew then that would shatter his little world. That’s the beuty of this gloryhole; it’s really anonymous. I can get naked, whip out my dick, stroke it, and wait and pray that a humungous black dick wants to spend time with me. Look at the size of that meat thermometer poking its head out. Let me tell you, it tastes as good as it look and it’s as hard as a rock. I need to give my mouth a rest so a little tugging action is in order. I wonder who it is behind the wall. For all I know it could be my son’s soccer coach or my wife’s yoga instructor. All I care is that my black daddy gives his little bitch some vitamin C-U-M.
Toni Silvr Toni Silvr
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